Issue 1 of Burger Force is ready for reading online – for free! Super-size thanks to Arts Queensland for supporting the audience development of this comic. Once a week for the next 20 weeks, an issue will be added FREE online, culminating in a brand-new issue in week 21 – which happens to be the…

Shortlisted sticker

It’s a day of fanciness here at Burger Force HQ. Because Burger Force Volume 4 has been shortlisted for the 2021 Russell Prize for Humour Writing. It’s in darn fine company, too! And the judges … as if being shortlisted wasn’t fancy enough. Just LOOK at these comments (or maybe read them): Burger Force 4 is…

Burger Force Ledger Award announcement

Just declassified: Burger Force Vol. 4 has been awarded a Bronze Ledger for Excellence in Australian Comics & Graphic Novels. The awards were open to relevant Australian works published in 2020. Thanks, Ledger legends!

Burger Force 5 cover image

Just when you thought 2020 couldn’t get any better (?!) along comes the next collected volume of Burger Force! In Burger Force Volume 5: Stone Cold, it looks like love is on the rocks. Couples are breaking up all over town – and the ones getting dumped are being turned into cold, hard statues. In…

Burger Force Volume 4 cover

Volume 4 of Burger Force is a real killer. As Mercury and the gang look into a spate of mysterious deaths, they soon realise they’ve got a serial murderer on their hands. Whoever it is sure has a twisted sense of humour, and they’re determined to deliver the ultimate punchline. Can the agents catch their culprit…

A piece of Burger Force art (‘Nerd Rage’, pictured) has been selected for the fancy TRACE 2019: Biennial Exhibition & Art Auction in the Streets of 4101. Runs August 8-14. Details here and here! ‘Nerd Rage’ features Jonathon Oxlade, Caroline Dunphy, Tim Bugler, and Elliott Bledsoe.

Some limited edition Burger Force prints are hanging for attention at Onespace Gallery in Brisbane as part of Creativemove’s majestic Pop-up Art + Design show. Open until 22 December. (Burger Force creator Jackie Ryan not included with print purchase.)

Hot off the presses! (But not so hot that it is a safety issue.) Volume 3 exists! You can find it in the online store of this here website. And if you order before 3 December you can get yourself 25% off this along with everything else in the shop. Just use the discount code…

Jackie Ryan book Expo 88

If you love Burger Force … that will have no bearing on whether or not you like the new book from BF creator Jackie Ryan. But you are most cordially invited to find out! Wait again. UPDATE! We’ll Show The World: Expo 88 won two awards at the 2018 Queensland Literary Awards: the Premier’s Award…

Tessa Rose as Snow Leopard

Step right up! While all of the Burger Force performances are art, for a short time you can see some of them on the One Space Gallery walls.

Burger Force Vol 2

First things first. Yes that is a cover endorsement from BARBARA FELDON (AKA Agent 99 From Get Smart!). The full endorsement appears on the back cover and reads ‘Burger Force is a splendid comic book; it’s spectacularly creative and entertaining. Jackie got the 1960s look just right’. #LifeGoalUnlocked As for the actual book … it’s…

Ledger Awards shortlist

Burger Force makes the Ledger Awards shortlist! Aaaaaaand in other news I’m belatedly announcing (about twice a year I remember this website has a newsfeed; Pro-tip: follow the Burger Force Facebook page – things happen there) that Burger Force made the shortlist for the 2017 Ledger Awards for Excellence in Australian Comics and Graphic Novels….

Brisbane Powerhouse Burger Force exhibition

Wow. Burger Force art at the Brisbane Powerhouse. Also on a wow note … this exhibition was a year ago and I’m just remembering to add it to the newsfeed now. Might I recommend you keep tabs on the Burger Force Facebook page if you like your news a little more ‘breaking’. Tell you what…

Smoother than a vintage whiskey and snappier than an upturned collar, Burger Force: Volume 1 collects together the first story arc (issues 1-3) along with recently declassified bonus material in the form of behind-the-scenes info, pinups, and feature essays. It’s 100 pages and it has a spine. Do you want spies with that? Place your order here!

Issue 20. TWENTY. T-w-e-n-t-y. That sure feels like a lot of issues. Maybe not if you’re Marvel or DC … but if you’re Jackie Ryan … that’s a lot of issues. Or maybe I just have a lot of issues? Maybe the issues have issues?

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