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About Burger Force


Having trouble with that pesky threat to civilisation? Diabolical masterminds getting you down? Relax and turn up the theme music – the agents at your local takeaway are already on the case. In a secret facility located beneath a fast food restaurant, special undercover operatives set aside thickshakes and fries to thwart diabolical masterminds committing crimes against pop culture. Such crimes include (but are not limited to) nefarious dating agency schemes, assassin line-dancers, and cock-rockers gone (even more) wrong.

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Burger Force is an Aurealis and Ledger Award-winning independent comic from Australia that features real people and locations that have been ‘comified’ through a combination of software and hand retouching. The stars of Burger Force hail from diverse performance backgrounds including theatre, film, circus, dance, and burlesque. Many of them can be seen in major film, television and theatrical productions, and in their own theatrical companies such as Briefs, Polytoxic, Hot Brown Honey, The Escapists, Common People Dance Project, and the Brides of Frank.

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Winner: Aurealis Award

Best Illustrated Work or Graphic Novel


Winner: Ledger Awards

Bronze Ledger for Excellence in Australian Comics and Graphic Novels


Shortlisted: 2015, 2017

Shortlisted: Russell Prize for Humour Writing



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