Burger Force Vol 2

First things first. Yes that is a cover endorsement from BARBARA FELDON (AKA Agent 99 From Get Smart!). The full endorsement appears on the back cover and reads ‘Burger Force is a splendid comic book; it’s spectacularly creative and entertaining. Jackie got the 1960s look just right’. #LifeGoalUnlocked As for the actual book … it’s…

Eddie Campbell and Audrey Niffenegger: we salute you! Check out the lovely things Ms Niffenegger had to say about yours truly in a Q&A for Powell’s Books.

Witness yourself some Burger-style billboard art in Giffin Lane (off Ann Street in the Brisbane CBD) featuring the spectacular Emma Pursey in ‘High Maintenance’. Super-size thank you to the fine folks at Brisbane City Council for inviting us back to the Laneways program (and to the lovely John and Jodie at Creativemove for introducing us to…

Jackie Ryan © 2014
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