Hot off the presses! (But not so hot that it is a safety issue.) Volume 3 exists! You can find it in the online store of this here website. And if you order before 3 December you can get yourself 25% off this along with everything else in the shop. Just use the discount code…

Burger Force Vol 2

First things first. Yes that is a cover endorsement from BARBARA FELDON (AKA Agent 99 From Get Smart!). The full endorsement appears on the back cover and reads ‘Burger Force is a splendid comic book; it’s spectacularly creative and entertaining. Jackie got the 1960s look just right’. #LifeGoalUnlocked As for the actual book … it’s…

Smoother than a vintage whiskey and snappier than an upturned collar, Burger Force: Volume 1 collects together the first story arc (issues 1-3) along with recently declassified bonus material in the form of behind-the-scenes info, pinups, and feature essays. It’s 100 pages and it has a spine. Do you want spies with that? Place your order here!

Issue 20. TWENTY. T-w-e-n-t-y. That sure feels like a lot of issues. Maybe not if you’re Marvel or DC … but if you’re Jackie Ryan … that’s a lot of issues. Or maybe I just have a lot of issues? Maybe the issues have issues?

Whaa? Four minutes later? Why, yes, I am getting faster… It may also be the case that I was going for a big-bang-double-header-some-other-words-that-bring-excitement-launch! So there you go. Two issues for the time price of one! Happy Christmas!

It’s Christmas time and that means … it’s Christmas time! On an unrelated note … it’s also time for a new issue of Burger Force! You’ll find it in the shop.

Well … it’s the news section of the new site so I figured there ought to be some … even if it’s old news. Issue 16 is the most recent Burger Force publication, and it can be ordered in two different ways via the shop at this here website – as a traditional floppy comic,…

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