Tessa Rose as Snow Leopard

Step right up! While all of the Burger Force performances are art, for a short time you can see some of them on the One Space Gallery walls.

Eddie Campbell and Audrey Niffenegger: we salute you! Check out the lovely things Ms Niffenegger had to say about yours truly in a Q&A for Powell’s Books.

Brisbane town, that is. For the next month or so, visitors to Hutton Lane (off Ann Street) can witness themselves some Burger-style art featuring the inimitable Olivia Porter as the ‘Little Girl Lost’. Super-size thank you to the lovely John and Jodie at Creativemove, and to the fine folks at Brisbane City Council for including…

The Burger Twins

Hello and welcome to what – at least at the time of writing – is the new website for Burger Force. I was rather fond of the old one – though it turns out not many people could see it. Five years ago I looked into the future and saw that people were increasingly connecting to the internet with…

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