The Burger Twins

Hello and welcome to what – at least at the time of writing – is the new website for Burger Force. I was rather fond of the old one – though it turns out not many people could see it. Five years ago I looked into the future and saw that people were increasingly connecting to the internet with portable devices; so I decided to build a website in Flash so it would scale neatly to any screen regardless of the connecting device. I picked the wrong future.

I’ve finally acknowledged the present and built (with advice from tech wizardess Donata Viola) a site that should now be accessible on all devices – because I don’t want Burger Force to be quite so espionage-y that no one can see it. Hope you like the site (and the comic!) – Jackie

btw the code-phrase ‘sprig of parsley’ might be of some use to you at the shop.

Jackie Ryan © 2014
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