Tessa Rose as Snow Leopard

Step right up! While all of the Burger Force performances are art, for a short time you can see some of them on the One Space Gallery walls.

Burger Force Vol 2

First things first. Yes that is a cover endorsement from BARBARA FELDON (AKA Agent 99 From Get Smart!). The full endorsement appears on the back cover and reads ‘Burger Force is a splendid comic book; it’s spectacularly creative and entertaining. Jackie got the 1960s look just right’. #LifeGoalUnlocked As for the actual book … it’s…

Ledger Awards shortlist

Burger Force makes the Ledger Awards shortlist! Aaaaaaand in other news I’m belatedly announcing (about twice a year I remember this website has a newsfeed; Pro-tip: follow the Burger Force Facebook page – things happen there) that Burger Force made the shortlist for the 2017 Ledger Awards for Excellence in Australian Comics and Graphic Novels….

Brisbane Powerhouse Burger Force exhibition

Wow. Burger Force art at the Brisbane Powerhouse. Also on a wow note … this exhibition was a year ago and I’m just remembering to add it to the newsfeed now. Might I recommend you keep tabs on the Burger Force Facebook page if you like your news a little more ‘breaking’. Tell you what…

Jackie Ryan © 2014
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