Volume 2



First things first. This thing has a cover endorsement from BARBARA FELDON (AKA Agent 99 From Get Smart!). The full endorsement appears on the back cover and reads ‘Burger Force is a splendid comic book; it’s spectacularly creative and entertaining. Jackie got the 1960s look just right’. #LifeGoalUnlocked

As for the actual book … get set for swingin’ sixties style, sunken lounges and strange science in the second star-studded instalment of Burger Force. Mercury’s new life as a spy isn’t quite unfolding as he’d expected—where are the daring disguises and cryptic code words? In the meantime, stranger happenings are afoot: someone’s been cloning Audrey Hepburn. The Audreys are appearing all over town in a series of smartly (if not subtly) dressed cinematic guises, from Eliza Doolittle to Holly Golightly—it’s a gosh-darn Charade! Over the course of 100 swellegant pages, Burger Force: Volume 2 collects together the second story arc (issues 4-6) of this Aurealis Award-winning comic book series, along with declassified behind-the-scenes material, pinups, and feature essays. Would you like spies with that?


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